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All information below is designed for a more simplistic approach to videography.

Our Content Creation / No Frills Packages are designed for 3-8 hours of coverage and vastly different to that of our full day package. Please read below for more information.

Sometimes our couples are just after the basics. And that's ok!

Videography is still a relatively new service, only being offered professionally 

in the last 5-10 years. And sometimes it's not a service that our couples can afford in full! We get it!

That is why we bring to you our Content Creation / No Frills Packages.

These packages are designed so that you can still have the luxury of having your day captured on camera, without all the "fluff". 


Read below for more information about what we can offer for your

special day. 

H + team


Weddings are expensive. We understand. From Venue, to Food, your outfits, hair, makeup, photographer, accessories, furniture etc. the list goes on.

Picture this. You have a set budget and once you get everything you want booked in - you realise you're already $10K over budget. You accept that and decide that that is okay for now. Or you don't, and eliminate things. Up to you!

But, as it creeps closer to your date ,  all of a sudden it hits you - WE WANT OUR DAY ON FILM!! But,  you've spent so much money on everything else, you haven't budgeted in for a full day wedding video package. 

Never fear - whilst we offer our Elopement & Full Day Complete Packages, we also offer our "NO FRILLS" packages. These are like content creator packages, but a bit better quality than your typical phone recordings. 

Content Creation is a relatively new concept, coming to market more or less during Covid Times. A content creators job is to capture little snippets of the day, typically on a phone device, spaced 5-10 seconds apart, and collate them into small-ish reels - somewhere between 30sec-2 minute videos. Typically they don't have any usable audio BUT they at least give you something to watch, right?

Well, we offer something similar, however instead of using Phones, we will capture the day on our camera. With 4K recording and Dual-Slot Recording, ensuring your files are safe no matter what.

The difference between our "No Frills" Packages and our "Full Packages" is that with our "No Frills" Packages,  we won't capture the day with multiple cameras or shooters. We also won't connect up multiple sources of audio. We won't spend the time colour grading afterwards like we do with our full day packages, however what you will receive is an edited compilation of your day , backed with licenced music, including any usable audio captured from camera & something that you'll be able to look back on and enjoy the moments.  

These packages are suited for coverage between 3-8 hours and are designed to offer videography services to couples that may not have the budget for a full day complete video package, however still want the memories from the day captured on film and delivered via HD, which can be watched for many years to come.

Please contact us today if this sounds like something you'd like to book in!

Dates are limited so booking in advance is highly recommended.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 Shooter & 1 Camera (Dual Slot recording)

  • 4K recording & delivery

  • 30 second Sneak Peek

  • 2-3 minute music-backed highlight of all moments captured

  • Cloud Video Link Provided with all films

  • Zoom Meeting before the day

Pricing Starts at $699


Have SOMETHING ELSE in mind?

Share your vision with me and we’ll work out the best plan for your special day.

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