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No Frills / Content Creation
Highlight Films

What is "No Frills"?

Well, simply put, it's Content Creation meets Short Storytelling Videography.

Kind of half - way, but with the camera quality & an intention behind it.

It's not a Full Videography Package with multiple cameras, or multiple shooters.

You won't have multiple people all up in your face, but instead, you'll have a friend by your side, documenting the day as it unfolds and capturing

the most important parts to remember.

So, what's the difference between other content creator packages

and our "No Frills" Content Highlight Package, you ask?


Content Creation is a relatively new concept, making a statement in the wedding market since Covid hit town ; and is a service that provides a more affordable video option for couples,  who either may not have the budget for a full wedding video package, or are just looking for something "simple" and "less involved".

 A "typical" content creators job is to capture little snippets of the day, usually on a phone device, and deliver small individual reels to the couple. Whilst great for the socialites of the world, you may be wanting something "more", but at the same time, not wanting a full video package.  Maybe what you're looking for is a ninja to document your day , on the fly ; only to re-appear some weeks later with an intentional STORY of your day. One that you both can watch with your families ; nanna crying over the sappy moments, or dad laughing at the hysterical dance moves made by your Uncle Peter after a couple of beers..... Uncle Peter usually doesn't drink, does he.

That's where "No Frills" comes in. Instead of using phones like typical content creators, the day will be captured on a professional camera, with your choice of the day being captured in landscape mode (normal video ratio) or portrait mode (reel style ratio). 

 With 4K quality and dual-slot recording, ensuring your files are safe, no matter what.​

These packages are best suited for coverage between 3-8 hours and are designed to offer videography services to couples that may not have a budget for a complete video package, however still want some memories from the day captured on film, which can be watched and cherished for many years to come. 

Not every single moment is captured in this package,

but parts from all of the best & important ones, are.

"No Frills" Highlight lengths vary, however are typically 5 minutes or under, depending on your coverage length and whether you add on the audio integration package or not.

Our "No Frills" Packages are a simplified Highlight-Only package, meaning that unlike our full video packages, you will not have the ability to add on a full ceremony film or a full speeches film, as the day is captured from one camera only.

It is designed simply to be a budget-friendly highlight-only package. 

"No Frills" Package bookings are limited each year,  due to other full package bookings,  so I HIGHLY recommend locking in your date early.

Please click below for exact inclusions & pricing for our "No Frills" Package

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